Keeping Safe From Cybercriminals

Cyberattacks and cybercriminals are actively present in the world we live in today. Our ultimate goal is to share insights and best practices to make yourself a difficult target for cybercriminals.

Remote Tech Support Scam

This is when a cybercriminal tries to convince you there is a serious problem with your computer, whether it is a virus, or an update needed. They will tell you if you let them access your computer remotely, they can fix the problem for you. What they are really doing is attempting to trick you to pay for a problem that never existed in the first place. If you receive a pop-up message on your computer that tells you to call someone to fix a problem, be careful – it could be a scam. Similarly, if you get an unexpected call with a similar message – hang up, that could be a scam too.

Two-Factor Authentication

Criminals pose as a financial service representatives. Sometimes from the fraud prevention or security department. Once they establish who they are they will ask you to do the same by reading back a two-factor challenge code that they send to your phone. What they are really doing is resetting your login password so they can access your account and transfer your funds to an account they control. If a two-factor code says not to share with anyone, then do not share it with anyone – regardless of who initiates the call.

Important Reminders

  • Never reuse passwords.
  • Never share your passwords.
  • Use two factor authentication to protect your financial accounts, email, and mobile carrier website.
  • Notify your financial representative right away if you believe you are the victim of fraud.

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